Hello ARKS, I have a question that might not bother some of you, but every day I do my dailies it pesters me more and more to the point where now I have to make this post. Currently as of this writing, Alliance Orders will tell us where the order can be completed, like so:

Alliance Order

A simple line of text, very easy to glance at so you don't have to think about it; just accept the order and go. Yet, When us ARKS take our butts over to the Daily Order counter, the lady at the desk seems to not wanna give us this same convenient information. Here's an example of a Daily Order that targets an enemy in the same location as the last example I gave of the Alliance order:

Client Order

As you can see, no mention of the location. Thoughts? Is ARKS not paying her enough to bother with giving us this info? I think she should get a raise.