Sakura Wars Scratch!!

I'm super excited for this, because I'm a huge Sakura Wars fan. I have most of the games still from the original DC. Anyone else excited for these new ac items?

DSC01098.JPG even per-ordered

I’ve never played the series but I haven’t been living under a rock, I love the items I’m seeing. The past couple of AC have been pretty meh but this more than makes up for it, I’m genuinely excited for this! I’ve got my wishlist ready to go, bring on the pretty!

They forgot to add the outerwear of four layer wear sets...

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I really hope we get the outerwear. I need that rabbit coat.

Must've been an error or oversight with the scratch page. Itd be odd to just remove those Outerwears out of the blue. Can a GM confirm?

It was an error, the Outerwears are now properly listed On the scratch page.

Hmm, while they did add the category, they didnt put the correct preview pic for two of them and put the basewears instead. 2a65604e-95bd-487c-a43c-2d0fcd69877d-image.png

It would be REALLY NICE of Sega to port Sakura Wars from Console to PC.

Because, you know, the original Sakura Wars was a visual novel hybrid Tactical RPG thing on the Sega Saturn back in the 90s. Red Company, which also made Thousand Arms and Agarest War, have at least some of their games on Steam/PC as it is.