[Ship 1] Arisen Alliance [Casual/Social]

Arisen Alliance

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Update: We recently merged with another alliance 'Beast Supremacy' and changed our alliance name to 'Arisen'.

Recruitment Criteria's: We are looking for players who are active, communicative and willing to participate in alliance activities.

We are a casual alliance who play as often as we can, with about 20-30 core members that log on everyday, we're hopping to find players that are on the same level of interest.

We don't expect or care about the rankings, though we do have some try-hard players, but the most important aspect is that we're all having a good time. If you're looking for a hardcore alliance, then this may not be the best fit for you.

Communication: Communication is Key! While this is an English speaking alliance, we have members all over the globe, and do speak other languages from time to time. Though we strongly encourage everyone to interact with each other in some form or another... We don't bite, and we definitely won't judge you if you can't speak it well, as long as you try to interact that's all that really matters. (We're very active on Discord as well, and strongly encourage members to join)

Rules: Our rules are simple. Please be mindful of others, no offensive messages or nicknames, swearing is acceptable as long as its not directed at another member in a malicious manner. We definitely do not welcome Drama of any sort, please keep that to yourself or in whispers. LEWD symbol arts are not allowed, as we like to keep a SFW environment.

Activity: We are mostly active in the EST/PST time zones, but due to differences in time zones, such as Europe and Asia, we try to accommodate as many members as possible, sadly, despite our efforts, some hours are bound to be slow nevertheless. We're also friendly with a few alliances on our block, doing UQ and Triggers runs together from time to time.

Inactivities: We don't have any requirements for staying in the alliance, like AP quota (though capping the weekly AP is encouraged). If you haven't logged on for a month+ without notice, we may remove you to make room for new members. (But this isn't always the case as we're very lax on attendance)

If this Alliance seems to be something you are looking for, then hit us up in-game.

Block26 is our home block and we typically hang out in the Cafe, so come visit us even if just to chat. We're very friendly and Open.

Here is a list of officers you can reach out in-game: (Character name/Player ID Name)

  • Miraea/TheLazzo (Alliance Leader)
  • Yuuna/-Yuuna-
  • Alderdice/Allenby
  • Succubus Alice/Succubus Alice
  • Yui/Yuies
  • Kronyx/Kronyx
  • Luckey/Luckey
  • Hetza/Hetza
  • Ohran/Ohran
  • Rinslet/Rinslet
  • Bikku/OugonManto

Hi, are you guys still looking for people ?

@lLauty We recently merged with another alliance and full atm, but come talk/chill with us on b26 cafe if your still interested, we can maybe make some room accommodate you.

@NinjaYuu noticed you guys are full but seem like a good fit for me. let me know if any space opens up, have sent a request in mean time. cheers

I would like to say we are actively recruiting again. If you’re interested please shoot me ( Luckey ) , SuccubusAlice, Yuumi, or Ohran a message. If you can’t find us feel free to message one of our alliance members to ping us. ^^

@LuckeyDood Hi, I'm interested in joining.

@LuckeyDood You seem like a very nice alliance, I would very much like to join you! Do I need to send you an in-game-message when you're online for you to add me?