Removing pain points from the UI

Here's some user interface pain points that I hope would get improvements in NGS.

Mouse cursor resetting position

The game often forgets your mouse cursor position and reset it to the center of the screen. This is really annoying. An specific example is when putting up ceiling furnishings in our personal quarters. Each time you put up one item, not only does the menu reset back two layers up (instead of going back to placement points selection, it goes back up to room selection, forcing you to choose the room again to place the next item), it also resets your mouse cursor to the center of the screen. So you keep moving your cursor back up to the top-left after each placement.

Another example is if we go into a window such as the Mission Pass via the main menu, then when we exit the Mission Pass, we are back at the main menu, but the mouse cursor is reset to the center of the screen. This is extremely annoying.

Fragmented information organization

It's clear that each update when new systems were added to the game, the UI was never reorganized, just one layer stacked on top of another.

Highlighting an item shows its deatil info, which has three tabs that can be toggled using a hotkey. Up to that is fine. But then set effects is stashed away under a submenu. So is Augment Factors. Instead of a fourth and fifth tab. Or incorporating it into existing tabs.

Class skill information is a list of skills intead of the skill tree. Why?

Lack of hotkey customization

1-0, F1-F10, Ctrl+F1-F12, Numpad 1-0 as sets lacks flexibility. Having only one row of subpalettes that must be swapped around instead of providing several rows of subpalettes that can be toggled on and off with individual hotkeys and combination keys.

The game uses WSAD but has hotkeys all over the keyboard. Hotkey layouts like this is fine for point-and-click games, not fine for a WSAD game.

Window positioning and sizing inconsistency

Some windows can be moved and resized. Some can't. Some remembers its size and position, some don't. Some snap to a near-by window border, some don't. Some snap first to the top, some snap to the bottom.

For example the ARKS Mission menu remembers, but the actual Mission List doesn't and will reset to its original location every time. Same goes for View Player Looks menu and Search Player Looks menu.

Some windows even can't be moved. Such as in the Client Orders interface, when clicking into a specific category, the NPC who issued the client order is displayed in its own window on the top-left corner. This window can't be moved. The Personal Quarters Menu is another one that doesn't remember location.

Fresh Finds is another window that can't be moved. And the preview window for the Purchase Confirmation step will always align its top-left corner to the top-right of the confirmation window, so if you have a large preview window, it will be moved downwards and the bottom section cut off.

Windows shoved into the top-left corner with mouse cursor resetting to the center on a 21:9 or even 32:9 is just painful. So much so that I've started using the keyboard only when operating the UI.

Player shop search

Instead of searching only for full names, allow partial searches and display all of them. Store all item names and item IDs on the client side and do the partial match locally, then tell the server the exact item IDs to display. This prevents hogging up server time.

Allow purchasing directly from the search results list, instead of clicking into the player shop and then having to look for the item yourself in the list because you've moved the cursor just a little bit and the item is no longer highlighted.

I don't really care who's selling. Only at what price. Player shops is such an archaic and useless concept that it should have been abolished 8 years ago.

Hopefully some of these problems can finally be eliminated with NGS.

That player shop search would be a blessing.

@kztm said in Removing pain points from the UI:

allow partial searches

This is (or was) already a thing on JP PSO2. I don't know why it isn't a thing on NA PSO2.

The game often forgets your mouse cursor position

The simple reason for this is due to the nature of how movement works in this game. Even AAA shooters and Minecraft do this if you alt tab back in and out while not on a menu.

@coldreactive said in Removing pain points from the UI:

@kztm said in Removing pain points from the UI:

The game often forgets your mouse cursor position The simple reason for this is due to the nature of how movement works in this game. Even AAA shooters and Minecraft do this if you alt tab back in and out while not on a menu.

It's still a big annoyance even if it happens in other games. 😞

This is probably more of a personal preference, but I would expect that when we go from movement (i.e. no cursor) to menus, the mouse cursor should appear at the highlighted menu item, i.e. follows the highlight when the cursor first appears.

Another problem with the current implementation is that when I'm doing several actions in the menu, I would often exit the menu and find my camera pointed at the ceiling or in the opposite direction. It's again something that's really annoying.

A much needed improvement everyone has been waiting for:

Auto Chat UI Customization

-The ability to shrink Auto Chat Cut-Ins and lock all Auto Chat popups into a specific part of the screen.

-The ability for a user to block specific sections of the Auto Chat, rather than the entire option. (Or users.)

At the current size it's much larger than a Party Status, and multiple Auto Chats make veterans irritated over how easily enemies can be blocked from sight.


(I believe there was testing of the Auto Chat feature in the teaser.)


-Party Status is noticeably smaller and more clean.

-Map is in Upper Left, instead of Upper Right.