I looked around a lot lately for PSO2 fanfiction, to only come up disappointed.

So, after completing the storyline up to date, I decided that since I couldn't find one, I'd make one.

So far, I'm in the rough draft phase. Most fanfics tend to have OC (Original Characters) and I'd love to had my two chars to the PSO2 story.

However, I can't do this alone.

I wonder if anyone on this forum has ever seen a PSO2 fanfict.

If so, I hope to see how other people have done theirs before posting the first chapter up.

I already got an idea on what timeline I want to follow.

Just need some guidance, that's all.

I have read and written a handful of MMORPG-based fan fictions over the years. Outside of contests with specific rules, their length and content varied widely. Some followed the official lore closely, while others explored alternate realities or timelines. Some were fairly serious, while others took a comic approach, going as far as incorporating internet-based concepts like lag and chat filters. Fanfic is a way to express yourself – be creative, and don’t let a lack of examples stop you from writing your own!

As for PSO2 specific content...

PSO2’s story mode takes a very meandering path through events, and leaves a lot of room for interpretation. If I were to write a fan fiction based on PSO2, I would probably take one of two approaches:

Approach #1: Dodge the actual events of the story mode, and tell MY characters’ stories the way I want them to be told. The official story is happening to someone else, completely apart from what’s going on in my tale.

Approach #2: Tell the story mode “how it should have been”. The personality I developed for my main character does not always sync well with the cutscenes she takes part in. I think it would be interesting to have a player character “go off script” in the middle of the story, changing the outcome of a critical scene. From there, the tale would take a completely different (and probably darker) direction than the canon one.

Approach #3: Write the memoirs of Dudu. There has got to be a good story behind this guy’s bad luck.

Also, if you haven’t done so yet, I would recommend visiting the PSO-World Forum Fan Works section – it might have some of the inspiration you are looking for.

Honestly, I think it's because the story of PSO2 isn't all that engaging. I know I wouldn't make a fan-fic out of it. I have and am (or at least need to get back to) making a PSO/PSU fan-fic. PSO barely had a story but even still it was better than what we have in PSO2.

A neat idea thats been in my mind had always been to try to do a retelling if not reinterpretation of PSO2's storyline as it was most likely meant to be. There's lots of story details that were changed during the game's development; EPISODE 1's darker tone, Quna being the main heroine instead of Matoi, Casra being the main antagonist who poses as an ally like he does in EPISODE 1 but is secretly manipulating events behind the scenes.

We may never know the full story behind what those plans were but it'd be cool if, using what we have, someone went around fixing up the plot while using some of those unused elements.

For example... given that Casra has Luther's role he would no doubt also be the one responsible for the experimentations on Quna and Haddred. Casra's role as a villain is revealed when you time travel to the past and see him backstab Zeno and leave him for dead against Dark Falz Elder. Quna's faced with a dillemma given that Casra is her superior... but when the details regarding his involvement with her past come up she ultimately decides to side with the protagonist.

Fan Fiction for this game really only works with the bounds of the settings and events given already. There's partly a lack of Fan Fiction because the west doesn't know the full story yet and only just started playing in March, but it is complete in the Japanese version. In addition if you try to do much outside the setting and events presented in the game, you potentially run afoul of the lore of the rest of the series, so it's not just one game you need to know. I can't say more about how other games connect because spoilers.