Open Beta AC Scratch Revivals?

You guys did the MISSION PASS Season 1 revival, why not bring the Recruit Line back too?

No, it's not an excuse to me to snag the Riad Headgear just to make a Tetra cosplay, not at all >:V

I am agree with this, some of the PC only players missed this including the Steam players.

It's not like I want the operating terminal 2 emote. >:V

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You guys did the MISSION PASS Season 1 revival

They did a half-revival. We could only get half the costumes (with difficult decisions, something they've removed from the Season 7 description) and no Rose Saber camo.

@Frost-Soar said in Open Beta AC Scratch Revivals?:

why not bring the Recruit Line back too?

Supported, Recruit Line is a nice thematic set the likes of which we haven't really had between all the costumes and collaborations.

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I am agree with this, some of the PC only players missed this including the Steam players.

For what it's worth: PC still needs the first four AC scratches (also Urban Lifestyle, Heroic Wanderer and Crimson Dawn) (and really, who would object to Pole Dance being affordable), the second half of Mission Pass seasons 1 and 3, all of season 2, four sets of SG Shop ouftit/emote bundle content (if not via SG Shop sales which is a dead format), and two months of Fresh Finds items (iirc 64 days and 5 recommended sets).

Also arguably some old open beta campaign rewards (478: Cross Legs, Pirate's Hat, Evolution Device: Green Puyo, 269: Impromptu Tea Party and Rappy-Go-Round) but they are still somewhat market-accessible (except probably on Ship 4) and the PSO2 team are slowly getting through that particular list.

Mission pass season 1, as well as 2-5 need to be revived again for the steam players. Not just one half- the entire thing. They all should be revived, just.. idk, let us purchase tiers for past seasons, please? Even if those seasons are long gone, I should be allowed to pay SG to unlock the tiers. Or use tiers 36-40 for revivals. Or let us purchase past seasons' items with mission badges. The fact that there's absolutely NO way to obtain these items after the fact is just infuriating... especially when I wanted to play prior to steam release, but couldn't, because Microsoft's store is just that bad. 😕

As for AC items.... while normally I'm of the opinion that those can just be bought, I do agree that they desperately need a revival. Half of the popular items are no longer available for purchase on ships 1-3, and ship 4... Ship 4 doesn't have anything at all, because it didnt even exist until steam release. So yeah. Full support for a revival of those AC scratches.

Cosmetic revivals are always good, and more ways to sell those other than past methods can be even better. While I understand people who have these fashion items and want to keep that uniqueness ("I have it and you don't" makes for great e-peen macroing, after all), I'm in the camp of those who want to have everything available for everyone in terms of cosmetics. Because that moves character uniqueness from a question of what a player managed to grab to a question of how well can a player combine all the fashion options into their character.

Agreed. Hopefully they bring some of the earlier ones back for anouther round.

Everything from pre-PC launch (scratch tickets, mission pass items, SG bundles, Fresh Finds) needs to be rereleased in some way now that the population for each platform has had time to settle. Ship 4 never got a lot of items since it came later, and many players would appreciate a second round for limited items.

Interestingly Fresh Finds is repeating at the moment. For the last six days (today included) the daily items have been a carbon copy of exactly two weeks prior. It is likely this will continue for the next eight days, and that's a good thing because there's one item I'm still tempted to get when it come back in.

Whether this was intended or not is another question. This could be by design so they can gauge whether players respond well to it, or at least buy some items twice for account-binding.

If this is the reason it's happening, I would be a little disappointed because repeating sets after two weeks is nothing like repeating them after six months and for the benefit of a significant portion of players who weren't able to buy them at all the first time.

So there's a danger if this short-term repetition is unsuccessful they may falsely conclude that it means there's no point to re-running the numerous days PC players couldn't buy into.