race and clothing compatibility

so . i know there is a colab between nier automata and phantasy star online 2. but i want to be a robot. can i wear "humanoid" fashion?

That totally differs with each outfits. For example, the Sonic Suit is probably wearable by all races, as they haven't said anything about the race restriction. But maybe they just forgot to write "no CASTs" 😲

The basic outfits sold at the outfit shop in the Shopping Plaza, are only wearable by Human, Newman and Deumans. The outfits provided for Ragol Medals have 2 variations, outfits for the other 3 races than CASTs and CAST dedicated version. For example, we'll likely to see HUmar Replica for Human/Newman/Deuman and HUmar Replica C for the CAST as two variations of the outfits to replicate HUmar character of PSO.

The NieR: Automata items in question happen to be all race ones. But Square Enix holds the rights, so maybe it's difficult to see them in the NA server, I guess 😕