Ac scratches question and concenrns.

Let me start by saying I really do enjoy pso2. I am a really big fashion person and pso2 has always seemed like endless waves of new outfits acc and emotes. My concern however is when I look at JP Bumped scratch list it is filled with way more and I am confused cause I thought i remember them saying we would get all the content. I tried looking up stuff about NA AC scratches to no avail on why they are being released like this. So kinda on my last resort of asking the community. I really hope they are just not going to provide us with everything. Cause for me it feels way to late to start in JP i already missed so many things. But then again is NA going to release them eventually?

Don’t forget they’ve had years and multiple runs of scratch’s, they didn’t get everything related to certain items in the one scratch. For other items theirs going to licensing and legal issues, which means theirs a good a chance that some items will never make it to global version

The global release is basically releasing scratches in a way that seems 3 times a month.

Our scratches are also a lot larger in scale right now because they are trying to push out as many items as they can without breaking the game in return.

Only thing i can say is be patient. Items will come and go eventually by fed or march we should be on the same page as the JP servers