Videos to showcase themes and furniture sets

I couldn't find any sites that showed what different Personal Quarters Themes looked like (outside of the tiny in-game images) so I threw together some short videos over the week to help showcase them!

Note, I started on PC, so I haven't been able to complete some of the older sets yet, but I hope that these videos will help you if you're trying to pick a theme or just wanted to see what they looked like!

Steampunk Theme:

Fancy Theme:

Resort Theme:

I also have other videos up already.

I used large rooms when showing the themes, the small will vary slightly for some. If anyone has any suggestions for improvement or showcase requests, I'm open to hearing it! I just do this as a fun little side thing, so I haven't gone out of my way to make the rooms look great thus far XD I just wanted to show the themes, furniture, and PSO2NA names so you could find them in player shops!

I have added the Sweet Theme:

I'll be covering the Chinese Theme next! I intend to keep up with future themes as well. My newest format also lists any additional items in the video so you don't have to read the video descriptions on YouTube now!