salon pass re-editing bugged?

i have 2 salon passes, and used one thinking i would be able to re edit for the hour, as stated. yes, i have premium, it's verified in my profile and the original AC transaction went through, yada yada. however when i went to go re edit my character to fix some issues it said i had to use 100 SG and couldnt re edit for free, like it says. (ironically the system even gave me a tip saying that i can re edit for 60 minutes after using a salon pass) and now im out of 2 salon passes just for some minor changes 😞 has this happened to anyone else since the update? this is the first time it's happened to me, and the last times ive used passes while on premium the re editing worked.

The Salon grace period only works when you are using the Salon Pass S purchased from the SG Shop (or directly in the Salon); it does not apply to the Free Salon Passes that we normally get.

From the online manual:

alt text

oh of course 🤦 i feel stupid then, but that kinda sucks, i wish in the tip they would put Salon Pass S instead of just "salon pass" as well but oh well