Problem with Game Currency Purchase

Well tonight I purchased AC from the Store on the Xbox. I forgot that I began playing the game through Steam and the currency has not been added to my account. I know when I have bought it in the past I have had it added to my account almost immediately even if I were logged in already. I just want to know if the currency will be added to my account at all or if I need to contact someone to reverse the charges and just buy currency through Steam.

If you bought the currency on XBOX, you just have to load the game on XBOX and it will be credited to your account. You have to log-in through the platform used to buy the in-game currency in order to receive it in-game. The same can also be said of the packs available for the game, since it required a log-in on said platform to authorize the transaction in-game.

@Ragnawind Thank you for the response. I actually thought that may be the case so I am trying that.