will this version be hack free?

just don't wanna see it happen on this version on dreamcast it was really bad

Like Phantasy Star Universe, Phantasy Star Online 2 stores your data server side and also comes equipped with an anti cheat called GameGuard. That said... GameGuard has not been effective against MAJOR hacks and at times has caused more problems to non-hackers than it has actual hackers (there was a time it mistook Google Chrome for a hack). The game has had its fair share of hacks on the Japanese version though I would say its not really that common (in fact personally, I haven't even run into any hackers during my time on JP).

If you see any hacks just make sure to report it and hopefully the Community Team will be effective in dealing with it. (PSO2 has an ingame report button)

@Leonkh99 said in will this version be hack free?:

GameGuard has not been effective against MAJOR hacks

See Mabinogi and its bots, which also can completely ignore the "Captcha Bomb" item that you can use on other players. (IE: they close the captcha window somehow without entering the captcha.)

And XTrap has been known to think fraps is a hack, and can crash your computer with a BSOD if it cannot crash the game or the process it thinks is a hack.

Some developers like to code in anti-cheating into the game itself. Like Maplestory 2, which, if it detects Cheat Engine is merely installed, doesn't even have to be running, it will crash MapleStory 2 every 5 minutes until Cheat Engine is uninstalled. (Has to be in the default install directory, and on the C Drive.) This also is technically illegal for Maplestory 2's publisher to do, as scanning the registry/files requires the publisher to give a notice of it doing such. (By UK Law.) Which Maplestory 2 doesn't tell people it's doing such.

I feel safe in saying we will not see cheaters, or mission bots. Maybe chat bots sending whispers? that seems a common in MMOs lately.

It's certainly not the same, but you'll get cheaters in every game. They can only modify their own values, iirc, and I'm sure that the devs are constantly working on new fixes for various exploits that pop-up.

It is nothing like the butt hurt that was PSO DC, or even GC, for the record. You won't lose anything.

It won't be as wide spread due to the knowledge required to be able to pull it off without getting caught, but there is always the possibility.

On XBOX you should "record that" if you see it and submit it through the support website as well as reporting it in game.

On PC, if you have screen capturing software I would recommend having it set up to be able to launch it quickly so it can record it as evidence in a pinch.

Lmao - nothing is hack free.

I see no real reason to care about the hackers in a non pop game. Ignore their meaningless "achievements" and just play the game and they'll go away.

@Someguy503 I mean, you can't really ignore hyper-inflation, dupe saturation, and other macro effects they might have. Not saying that PSO2 will fall victim to it, but other incarnations of PS games have seen their fair share of fallout.