Unable to block player

So, someone is being hostile to me, and I got to block them.

But wait "View Gamercard" is greyed out... ok they don't have an XBox account.

Misc... => "Add to blocklist"

Oh... wait... greyed-out ... oh

Characters => "View ARKS ID" greyed out

... now this is getting silly

How is someone able to harass me and I can't block them?

Quite a severe problem with the safety of players if someone finds a way to harass and insult others if we can't block them no?

@Meow2835 You have to be on the same block as them to add them to your blacklist. They also have to be near by. Just travel to the block they are on, and find their avatar.

@Anarchy-Marine They were standing right next to me in the lobby.

@Meow2835 That's weird. If it was a PC player, (marked with the green leaf icon for console players) it's either a glitch, or they are using third party software to circumvent the blacklist option, thus rendering them able to harass other players. The player in question may also be using something to mask his player ID. You should submit a support ticket, and give full details about the player, as this may need to be investigated by the enforcement team.

Are they still harassing You?

@Anarchy-Marine This has been happening since the closed beta.

Me and my bf found a way to stop you being able to view a players gamercard, so you could block them. We have both reported this before and I reported this as a new bug. However, even after pointing it out to a GM, in game, and the severe anti-harm-reduction that this allows, nothing has been fixed.

If the meseta bots work this out, we will never be able to block them.

@Meow2835 There is a blacklist option in game, that I have had zero issue with using. Try using it on the RMT bots, and tell me if that option is still greyed out for you, because that might be a client side error.