Union weapon from a badge Ray weapon

Just a short post. Title explains a bit of it. Will a Ray weapon bought from the Rising Weapons Badge 2 Shop, turned into a Union weapon, have the same limit of being unable to go past +30 without the same weapon?

@Praedyth Yes, it will have the same grind cap as the Ray. That means that if you do want get the Union to +35, you should first do so when it is a Ray, otherwise you are going to need more Union Boosters.

Not sure if its a description thing but i got my Fornis Lombelle (Assault Rifle with life steal) to level 35 using revolsio +30 weapon from the collection folder. Think you just have to have weapons of the same rarity.

@Kris-Nutta11 13* Weapons that are from drops, like your Fornis Lombelle, always have their Grind Cap at 35; however, 13* Weapons that are from exchanges, like the Ray Weapons from the Rising Badge 2 exchange that @Praedyth is talking about, only have a Grind Cap of 30, and as such require 5 additional copies of the Weapon to raise it to 35.