[Solved] How to I change episodes on my alts?

SOLVED! Thanks everyone! The option to switch episodes is under Change Settings in the layout that I used. 😄

My main has done all the story quests. My alts can choose EP1-4 story quests, but is there a way for me to go to the EP4 lobby without doing those quests?

I remember reading about some terminal that allows switching of episodes, but I can't find it 😞

Xiera on the Bridge has an option to switch Episodes, but seeing as the Bridge is only available in the Episode 4 lobby, you need to view an Episode 4 Story Event from the Story Quest menu to switch to the Episode 4 lobby. However, since story progress is account-wide instead of by character, you can just pick any short substory scene and then skip it once it begins; I use the one where we first meet Io in Episode 4 to do so.

...You can switch episode at the quest counter, the same as at Xiera.

@Vashzaron Jesus, I'm blind. You're right, it is right there at the bottom.


Hmmm. That's weird. alt text

@kztm I use a different layout; on that one it may be under Change Settings.

@AndrlCh Ah thanks! It's under Change Settings! That's weird. I could have sworn that there were only things like matching settings in there last I looked.

I need to check out this different layout as well. Didn't realize there was a different layout.