[Ship 1] Looking for Alliance


I am looking for a friendly, social, and welcoming alliance that does a plethora of events together and helps each other. I need a group that does not have a strict activity policy, but still has members who are active. I am the guild leader of a Final Fantasy XIV group, so I'll still be playing that game and organizing events and running them there. I've always liked the Phantasy Star series and would like to play the game with an active group who will include me in their activities as I am available.

I don't do real late nights (I am EST). Tuesday nights and Thursday nights are booked after 8 PM, Saturdays sometimes at 7, and Sunday afternoons between 6 and 9 are raid time for FF.

I want to get my characters and such leveled (and I have a handful of alts I play too), so Advance Quests +50 are nice (the guild giving out advance quest capsules is nice too), as is playing a lot of the content the game has to offer.

It is possible a few of my friends will want to come with me too. Discord would be a requirement for me to consider joining.


Hi Ciel, Dere LLC is recruiting, I read you don't want strict activities but would you be willing to be able to cap AP (Alliance Point) weekly? Our only requirement is to cap AP and actually log on a few times a week to play.

We have an active Discord and usually run Ulti and UQ groupings daily.

Let me know if you are interested, just give me a DM here or you can come visit us in our home block on B3.