What happens when do a skill reset? Are there really different "files" for every skill tree?

From the way the skill trees are named, it almost seem like there are multiple versions of them you can eventually make with the skill reset, since there's something like Hunter01 or something like that in the skill tree menu and it's not a loadout thing. I'm thinking about using it if I can't beat the optional super boss before the next update. But I really don't want to lose the build I currently have because of nostalgia and authentic feeling reasons. However I may have to if I want to beat it and get an A and S Rank on Solo Profound Darkness (Then again I never used Guard Stance even though I maxed it out because I don't want to neuter myself too much if I have to use it for the Apprentice story quest) and if it doesn't make new "files" when I reset then so be it...

That has nothing to do with Skill Resets; the All Skill Tree Reset will do what it says and reset all of your Skill Trees so you can redistribute all the Skill Points.

You can buy Extra Skill Trees for 500 AC each, and that's what those numbers are for; for example, if you buy a second Hunter Skill Tree, it will be named "Hunter02" by default. You can also rename any of your Skill Trees.

Oh, so that's what the other file means. Thanks for the explanation.