so this is a shot in the dark. but iam truely hoping to find a way to reach the jp team, i figure this may go unnoticed but i realy have to try. i love pso ever since i played it on my xbox as soon as i got it, and upto phantasy star online 2, however something bothers me in pso2 that makes it so much less like pso the core pso feeling, what iam talking about is the whole 5 seconds and your weapon is put away thing. ever since phantasy star online ep 1 and 2 your weapons have remained out during travel during combat however as of pso2 this was changed heavily and it truely bothers me and takes me out of the game to a degree and ontop of that makes it hard to admire double sabers or weapons that shut off due to them splitting in half or the blade shutting down,what iam on about is iam hoping to suggest the ability to allow us to keep weapons out in the field and having the option to have them out without it interruping the flow of combat or the system. and to allow me to admire things like katanas or what not and the option to sheath the weapon if i wanto. this is such a small insignificant thing i feel but if they can change this in new genesis i feel like it will improve the games combat feel (like monster hunter) and also give players that phantasy star online feel back. to beable to equip your weapon and it instantly shows up with all its glory being wielded and not snapped in half,turned off or condensed in some weird way so that you cant admire them (iam looking at you bio weapon series) sorry for my shoddy work here but i suck at grammar. i hope other people see this and are inspired to reach out and try and tell the JP team before genesis is out.