The timing is pretty badly off for the button presses on the rhythm game for this new concert series. I thought it might be a latency issue, but I didn't see this problem with any of the other recent concert events and I haven't been having any other network issues. I don't know that calling it a bug would be entirely applicable. The issue is more that its just not implemented well and the button presses don't line up with the tempo. I know sometimes it switches to the off-beat, but in some places it was neither here nor there. I know we're still running under hand-me-downs from JP conditions so I don't know what if anything can be done about it, but its not correct, so I figured its worth reporting.

Definitely noticed this in Cosmic Twinkle Star, some of the timings just don't make sense. I've wondered if it's synced to Quna's lyrics and the song was sung differently in Japanese.

@Miraglyth That's entirely possible, similar to the animations in the cutscenes not matching up right.