Is anyone having issues with completing Cofy's Auxiliary Course quest?

I don't really know what to do. I looked at a video of someone doing it, and they accept it and go over to Astarte talk with her and get some popup tutorial boxes. And then bam the quest is complete. When I go over to her it just lets me talk to her nothing else. I dunno if this helps but I have a ss of the popup boxes (I think?) in my information tab. Heres two other ss's one of Cofy and the other of Astarte. e0fb5011577b790d2fb1f4fff6e854dc.png ef33318e698b55287d2399428253ff9b.png 9dd57d56e8c4da8ccbe9dd4fa0245490.png

You are supposed to walk near Astarte and a box comes up automatically you don't even talk to her, if it doesn't rip. (Having a lot of characters I memorized this lol)

I can only suggest canceling and retaking the quest but no idea otherwise.

@Vashzaron how do i cancel the quest?

@Kup In your Client Order list, click the Order you want to cancel and it will give you a pop-up confirming you want to cancel the Order. Then you should be able to re-take the Order from Cofy.