Deus Esca ... Boss is too big for the map

I'm gonna keep raising problems here...

I played this UQ .... I got to the edge of the map trying to attack it. I GOT TO THE EDGE OF THE MAP TRYING TO ATTACK IT.

Let me break this down. I was attacking it, I was locked onto it... I got to the edge of the area where I could move, and couldn't move any more beyond that point, attacking this boss. My character was moving perpendicular to the direction I was pressing, i.e. I was pressing against and invisible wall.

Doesn't that seem like a problem?

Really? Does anyone play this game before releasing it?

Did you really make a boss bigger than the map capable of containing it?

I've been playing this game since 2012 and this is the first time I've seen a complaint about a boss being too big for the map it's designed for, as if the boss wasn't intended to be a huge big boy that requires 12 people to take down.

I'm not making fun of you, and obviously I disagree with this assessment and I'd be extremely hard pressed to find anyone besides people within your circle of friends who actually agrees with this assessment.

I've heard he hits too hard, too many cut-scenes, the pre fight section with Hunas is too boring or slow. That the rematch is unfair. That his patterns are too random or not random enough. Etc etc. So this one took me by surprise.

This all being said, the EQ really just came out not that long ago for ya'll so I implore you to play it some more or maybe even solo it to learn its patterns and attacks. When you hold aggro on phase 3 and 4; you can force him to attack a singular place on the map for a good chunk of his attacks (specifically 3 out of 4 attacks), negating the need to run around and follow him all the time. I really do implore that you play him more regardless so you can reassess this stance of yours and see if you still feel that it's valid. And by play him more, I do mean at least like 20-30 times; maybe even a few low mans or solos.

Deus cuts the map in half- are you sure you're not trying to attack his 4 hydra heads that are suppose to be for whatever group is on the other side? Some groups all go right of the sword that cuts the arena and team up for safety- but both sides have to be fought either way so going 2 for 2 (or 6 and 6 in a 12 group) might quicken things up. Either way- never noticed this problem.

It sounds like you got tunnel vision after he cuts the map in half. After you kill the first three heads he splits the map in half, just focus on your side till everyone is back together.

I don't see any problem with Deus Esca being big actually the fact that he is that big helps a lot to see where his attacks are going also the invisible walls are there because this game doesn't have fall damage and out of bounds deaths and you can direct his attacks to the point you want he will always gonna target someone and most of the time is the person doing the most damage