Account measures for dishonest acts

@SleeprunnerInc They likely do it through the marketplace, they tell the buyer to list a stack of red meat or something for a certain price and then the meseta seller buys it.

I agree that reporting on action taken is a positive move. Even if we're still getting these messages (many of which increasingly seem like they're trying to circumvent various types of protection like with spaces in URLs and random characters at the end of messages), it's reassuring to know they're also being banned in volume.

@Arcflare They still have RMT issues but it happens kinda underground. Bots aren't in lobbies spamming. They post bans on a monthly basis, the biggest banwave recently being June 2020 -- though it's not just for RMT. I believe the gigantic spike in the cases of bans on the June one was for abusing a certain account limited shop with multiple accounts to bypass buying limits.

Also worth noting not all of these cases listed are for the reasons specified in this post -- they also include cheating and other forms of abuse against ToS

Most of the time the bans are below 100 cases though, since they don't really have meseta bots spamming lobbies. June 2020 there were 699 bans though:

Their most recent one, August 2020, has 93 cases:

It does seem to make a difference, theirs def been less bots spamming in the lobbies

@TEN-SQUARE-3 said in Account measures for dishonest acts:

It does seem to make a difference, theirs def been less bots spamming in the lobbies

Come to think of it yeah. We used to have 3 or 4 in the same lobby sometimes, now it seems like it's consistently 1.

I think people are starting to learn how to deal with them easier too, either by reporting and blocking first thing or going to a different part of the ship. Not that they aren't annoying, but I don't think the problem is quite as bad as it was a few weeks ago in my experience.


  1. Japan has a lot of RMT, there are countless websites advertising that service. They just know better than to spam the lobby and draw SEGA's ire.
  2. Someone who's already spending real money to buy meseta probably is alrady spending real money for premium, or would be willing to get premium just to have a couple billion mesetas.

As to the other commentor pointing out we should be discussing how to elimite the demand for RMT:

Personally I think the only way to eliminte RMT demand completely from the game, is to devalue mesetas so much that people don't "need" a lot of it. Ultimately this means:

  1. Either to remove the exchange of goods completely (if people can't exchange meseta in any way there won't be RMT, obviously).
  2. Or it means a very strictly controlled economy where items can only be exchanged at the officially published prices, with a completely anonymous market (i.e. you cannot tell nor choose who to buy from).

For as long as you have a free market and allow in-game currencies to be exchanged freely, you will have RMT.

@kztm you can't really get rid of RMT in any shape or form.

There's always going to be some way to RMT.

@SleeprunnerInc I don't think there's RMT in Monster Hunter World. I know it's not the same type of game, but the point is that not having a market nor any means to exchange valuable items = no RMT.

So there absolutely are ways to completely eliminate RMT. But, it involves cutting away a big piece of the otherwise innocent game (i.e. trading and free market).

@kztm Hilariously enough, thanks to mods, you CAN trade within Monster hunter world.

But why would you trade when you can install a mod to literally get all the items you want for free?

On top of that, it's not really an MMORPG now is it?

@SleeprunnerInc Which is why I said:

I know it's not the same type of game

RMT is only viable if there is a high demand for in-game currency. Many games have sought to eliminate or tone down that demand. For example making the best gear untreadable, etc.

But as I also have said,

it involves cutting away a big piece of the otherwise innocent game

So there really is no point discussing how to eliminate the cause of RMT in PSO2. That's why most of the discussions have been about how to eliminate the spambots, because it's the one thing that really gets on people's nerves, people who would otherwise just happily ignore the existence of RMT.

And before we derail this further, please be aware that the second part of my reply was replying to ZorokiHanuke on the previous page when he said:

Considering how bans and blocks cannot do much, shouldn't we be discussing how to actually make RMT so worthless that both buyers and sellers lose interest on it? Or is that also a lost cause?

And my reply would be, yes, it's a lost cause unless you want to fundamentally change the purpose of the market, from a free market to a controlled market.