"In-Game Suggestions" Moderation

Threads should only be locked due to arguments or rule breaking. period. having an open discussion, assuming its not an argument ,breaking the rules, or the topic hasnt changed is not something that should be deemed lockable. If you are bothered by it, you can simply not click on it. this is entirely a YOU issue.

@Yggranya If you've only been running into, as you put it, a-holes, I think your either on the wrong block, wrong ship, or just have bad luck, because ship 3 atleast, has been not only pretty chill, I contantly run into helpful players.

@Anarchy-Marine What i meant was, if nobody reports people, then it will be harder to slap the rule breaking party on the wrist, so it might inspire them to look for a more permanent solution, or just give up and let them run wild i guess. I avoid everyone as much as i can. Every game has lots of a-holes, but i don't know if ship 4 has more or less than any other. I DO know that bots are everywhere, which i doubt is a surprise to you.

@Yggranya Bots aren't something you can solve over night. As for the a-holes, I'd say unless they are screwing over other players, or are harassing other players, it isn't technically right to ban them because they are rude. That's a moral grey area. You might as well call for a witch hunt, and that's not allowed either here, or in the game.

@Anarchy-Marine Heh, yeah. One would think that after years someone would have at least tried to make it a little easier to counter bots. Instead, it just the same old, same old. Nothing has changed. I think the reasons is apparent: "think of the savings!"

Sigh I simply mentioned the "a-holes" because someone might use the report function to report such people. I haven't reported anyone, as reporting bots won't change a thing. It hasn't changed anything in any other MMO i play or have played, so why would this be different? And yes, those games have also been around for years. "over night" indeed...