Don't allow X people in a concert if the game can't handle X people in a concert

Trying to be in the latest Quna concert I could do it. I had to rejoin due to audio settings (different suggestion). But once I did, the game didn't load models, textures, anything, just stuck there barely showing Quna doing anything. I didn't see the concert.

People are gonna say "Join a different block". No. If the game can't handle it, don't allow it.

I've got a stupid powerful PC for this game. If the game can't handle it, it's the game at fault.

Don't allow so many people to join a concert if the servers can't send the information required to all the people in the block trying to be involved in the concert, if the servers and the game can't handle it.

It ruins the concert, it ruins the whole experience. It ruins the whole point.

Concerts were fun for a while. Now they're getting too much for the network to handle.

The problem is, all players on a block are on the same server, regardless of area, such as Gate Plaza, Shopping Plaza, Franca's Cafe, etc. The problem comes when people flood one part of the ARKs Ship, such as during a concert. It jsut can't handle so many so close together, but they can't just reduce capacity because of that, even if only duing certain times..

I feel like this isn't even related to full blocks. It happens to me on empty blocks too sometimes- I don't know the cause- I don't disconnect but sometimes NPCs fail to load- and sometimes during UQs i'll feel like I desync'd.. People will stop moving for a long time- maybe even a whole minute. occasional odd animation here and there like someone popping shifta. Then when the supposed lagspike- despite being perfectly fine connectionwise ends... everything will go by super quick and I will have taken no damage, used no items(if I am /hu with automate- I will have not have used any- implying I am just invulnerable in this weird dimension when it occurs) - then i'll be able to grab the loot at the end without problem. It also happened in amduskia and one of the walls that block progress never went down for me. People could walk through the wall I saw clientside but I couldn't- people could see my walk into nothing- and my launcher rounds bouncing off the air... other times enemies will become immortal to me but only be able to do 1 damage yet still knock me back- Other people won't be able to see them but they'll still see my character take 1 damage and get thrown. But most commonly is what you describe- certain things failing to load. Sometimes alliance doesn't load and I can't chat with them- other time NPCs don't load and I have to change blocks to reload everything vice versa. Could be a bunch of different issues.

game just handles weird sometimes.

this is not the servers can't handle, after all is the Azure Servers they are beastly servers is the engine of the game that can't handle that many players at the same place so to deal with that issue the negative sprites exist and this is something that can't be fixed with the actual engine of the game

I have never had this problem in 8 years of PSO2.

Just make sure to not have some other application running other than the game. For example some antivirus software, Chrome with 73 tabs, etc. Close everything and PSO2 will load concerts even on a semi potato PC.

My specs are: i5-9400F and GTX 1060, 16GB ram.

Even with the block full o people, I have never encounter this issue on Quna concert and neither on Arks Festival.

Check your system, especially the HDD loads.

If you want to completely eliminate the loading time of models and textures or otherwise eliminate any problems related to loading, install the game on an SSD.

Judging by your other posts OP, I wonder if you're having internet problems or something. It sounds like things aren't loading properly for you in general.