I'm autistic. I have to turn down the constant in-game music. It's severely stressful to hear it constantly, repeatedly, the same repetitive music, again and again. It's an autistic trigger. We don't have in-life music.

I go to concert, I often forget to turn on the music (autism again). For a "normal" concert, that's fine, but these new concerts, it's a nightmare. I join them, I can't change the settings any more (someone's stupid UI decision ... many of those to complain about). I have to leave the concert and potentially lose a spot in the concert. I mean the latest spot I had I could see things, characters loaded. But when I went back, nothing loaded correctly, characters, the animation from Quna, nothing. It was stupid. Not that I don't have a powerful PC or anything that could handle it, no, your stupid notwork wasn't sending the data, or the game wasn't parsing.

So I ask that the concert volume be separate from the game music. So I don't have to constantly fight this stupid idea that we have to constantly listen to "incidental" music all the time for "drama" when it doesn't happen irl.

(You may realise I'm annoyed by this).