Fix the product search

I've raised a bug about this, but it't stupid that the tickets take forever to get a response.

The product search doesn't work on PC unless you type it in exactly.

The cache? The Search data? Whatever doesn't have all the information for the search from old items so I can't search from my PC version of the game for all items that exist in the game.

So I want to buy an item and do a generic search without knowing the name? It doesn't return all the items that are available.

If I know the name of an item exactly, and I may not due to bad translations, I can type them in and if it's precise, it can find it, but I can't search for it, I can't do a search for a (e.g.) consumable and it returns.

It's a joke that this even got passed the QA department (wait does this even exist?).

I want to buy things in the shops. I want to spend the Meseta I've earned and I can't.

Even if you just browse the top shops, and write down a product name of something you see and try to type it into search to have it just single out that item over all the offers to compare prices and such, it still can't find anything.

Also are the classifications of outfit items (ou, ba, in) included in the exact entries required to have te search actually work?

It would also be nice to have an option to just get outer, base or innerware from searches. You can only limit item display on outfits in general (no weapons etc) just restricted on gender/Cast availabilities.

Sometimes it fails even if you type it exactly too. Your character- as you said... has to know it -exists-... Before part of the name allows it to be searched. If it's a current scratch then it's easy to put in your personal database because you can simply go to the scratch- go to Prize List.. And look for it there. View it on your character.. then you will be able to search it. If it's from an old scratch that is gone... only way is to narrow the search down as much as possible and estimate how much it's worth- then flip through pages until you pass a page where it's sold. It's an awful system and I made a post about it before but I considering we can't get any response from the devs for anything at all... probably not something that will ever be fixed.