Expired Prize Ticket (and current Mother ticket) not showing up in Swap Shop

I'm more aggravated with myself for not using my Persona prize ticket in time, but now I'm stuck with a useless prize ticket. The Persona P Ticket says: "An Exchange Pass out of sales season. Take it to the Swap Shop to exchange for an item." So I go over to the Swap Shop and see one option for prize tickets under Swap Shop2, a lame EX Triboost +150%. 😞

As awful as that is, the shop isn't letting me trade it in. The shop is only showing my Fallen Heroes ticket as a redeemable prize ticket. The expired Persona AND my current Mother ticket aren't showing there to allow me to obtain the Triboost. I mean, it's a Triboost and enough of a kick to the head as it is, but it's still something, I guess, and right now the game isn't allowing the exchange.

Posting to note that this appears to have been fixed with the latest update.