What armor for ranger?

Hi, i would like to know wich armor would be a good for my lvl 73 ranger (my dex is 554), my current armor is varder set but i feel like that aint good enough now. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

there are no armor in this game so obviously what you want are units that are the same for everyone use Circu Ray units that require 450 dex to use and that is the base dex plus mag dex

Saiki or Briss until you can equip Circuray (buy them off the AH, they're usually super cheap), than Circuray via Rising Weapon Badge 2's (which you'll get by converting Rising Weapon Badge 3's from the vendor, you'll need 300 of them for the full set) until you hit 80 on your Main and Sub classes. After that, start running Deus Esca Part 2 ( the 4 man Expert Difficulty version) and Barren Blossom, Corruptor of All (Plus it's solo version) for Clifard and Austere Units, though with Episode 5 right around the corner, don't break your back too hard trying to get a full est of either of these two new sets unless you really want to min/max.

For right now, Circuray is more than enough for all of Episode 1-4's casual and story content.