[Ship 2] Come join us at Dark Falz - We're a community focused alliance looking for a team for all levels of content. Everyone welcome! (Discord, Active, Community Focused, Beginner friendly- At your own pace, No requirements needed!)

Hello and welcome!

Pay close attention, for I am Dark Falz!

I'm Zoraaii and I am the leader of the newly formed Dark Falz alliance! Come experience not only personal growth but also the growth of an alliance.

  • Time frame: Typically during the late afternoon into the early hours of the mornings North American time.

  • Activity level: We're active in game and on Discord. We are in it for the long haul!

  • What sort of people do we want to join us?: We cater to all types of players on all platforms. From semi-casual players to hardcore players looking for endgame content.

  • Requirements? None. We do ask that you are active and have a mutual respect for members of the team.

  • What the alliance can offer you? A place to grow as an Arks Operative erhh, I mean Dark Falz member. We have members that appreciate the challenge of end game quest such as Ultimate Quest, Urgent Quest, and PvP. But we also have casual meetings like Casino days and fashion discussions.

It's a game, so lets have some fun!


Please direct any inquiries to :

In game alliance: Dark Falz

@Discord: Zoraaii#9611

@Steam: Zoraaii

BUMP Still recruiting if you're interested in joining us, send me a message 🙂

Bump ! Still accepting applications.

Bump Recruiting still open. Reach out to me for more details.

Bump because we're still looking for members owo


Come join us! Luther and Pietro did! alt text


Thanks to everyone that has taken interest in our alliance. We are still recruiting and would love to take you in. Shoot me a PM.


Still accepting applicants.

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