Microsoft charged wrong payment method

Hi, My xbox account had a error earlier and instead of using the gift card credit on my account they charged my credit card.

Spoke to them and they said they will refund my card and I suggested taking the amount owed from the credit on my account but they haven't and now basically due to Microsoft error I have 3k ac on my account that has not been paid for.

Hopefully won't get a ban for this as its out of my control and looking at the other comments on this page it doesn't seem like a speedy service on here for it to be resolved

@GM-Bear @GM-Beemo @GM-Beppo @GM-bill @GM-Bleed @GM-Cheezpuff @GM-Fatal4866 @GM-Drogeto @GM-Deynger @GM-Cinder I have no problem paying for the ac and if you look into my account you can see i spend a bit too much on this game 🙂 . This is Microsofts error not mine and I haven't touched the 3000 ac either so if you want you can take that and ill just use the credit on my account as intended.

Looks like they are having big problems with the store today the credit has disappeared again. .. no idea if they have paid the amount due or not.

This is something only Microsoft can solve if you made the purchase through them. SEGA can't really help in this case.

I have ac that I didn't pay for,Microsoft are useless and I don't want a ban of any sort due to microshaft making a error something similar happened to a friend on a different game and he got banned a while until it was sorted

you are mixing up ban with suspension still they won't do anything to your account because that AC is in limbo right now and probably because the way PSO2 is coded they probably can't do anything to revert the AC while the servers are running just don't use that AC and wait until maintenance to see if it disappears because I believe they will revert the purchase instead of changing the payment method