Floating emote?

I saw a player floating in the shopping district the other day and I cannot for the life of me figure out which emote she was using. It didn’t appear to be 203 Float, she was completely still where the preview shows you sort of wobble side to side. It’s not 235 Sortie or 515 Flight Pose, either.

Was there any floating emote released for Mission Pass or a SG item? Or is the preview for 203 Float just really off?

She didn’t have any additional effects like the Matoi poses, she was simply floating there with her feet close together.

Any help would appreciated!

I saw this too a little bit ago. Still and like you described.

Not being a phasion/emote focused kinda player it left about as fast as it came in. Only say it as it was on my way to the gateway ship for my next exp/mesta monstas bashin and what nots. 😃

o/ =^.^=


Oh good I’m not just seeing things! The player I saw idled there for a long time, I just didn’t want to bother them and tried finding it myself. Whatever it is, it’s either a bad preview or isn’t tradable.

I bought Sortie thinking I could float but the emote makes me move forward in an uncontrollable line so there is a possibility the emote I saw is just Float with a wonky preview.

The emote your looking for is 262: drift in space

If I recall correctly, you can usually check what Emote someone else is using through the "Impersonate" option in the "Nearby Characters" menu. If it is an Emote that you don't have, it should give you a message along the lines of "Cannot imitate: [Emote Name] not registered" (for looping Emotes it will take a while as it needs to wait for the loop to begin again).

Are you thinking of the male version of "Drift in Space"?


Is it? The emote preview looked like the female character was curled up and hanging upside down. The one I saw is floating standing upright. I currently own it but haven’t used it yet because the preview of it is odd.


I’ll have to try that if I see her again, thanks for the tip! I didn’t know it would tell me the emote.


Can a female character do the male version of it?

@Milk If you press shift before using the emote you use the opposite genders' version of the emote. All male characters can do all female emotes and vice versa.


Oh thank you! My newness is showing.

Mystery solved! Thank you very much for the help, it was 262 Drift in Space as suggested, the male version.

@Milk said in Floating emote?:


Oh thank you! My newness is showing.

Newness is great! I am I would say more or less in a similar boat. Not having touched PSO since the DreamCast Dayz. 😸

o/ =^.^=