So has anyone found a Spread Needle?

So has anyone found a Spread Needle??

Based on the logs there's been a handful of Spread Needles, Eternal Psycho Drives, and the katanas.

This was back in august from MB4: 308807df-55ba-4d61-ae4b-29f972f79b00-image.png

Since then there's been multiple others in the logs on the other UQs.

Out of curiosity do you take those screenshots by waiting until the last minute the UQ is active and popping open the window?

Someone in my alliance has a needle

@Sephlock You can do that but I'm not actually sure the interval it updates on, the log is for the last 7 days of the UQ so you dont need to catch it right at the end

so jealous!

Same, as an OG RAmar I NEED this weapon.

It's not really going to be feasible to obtain until ep5... if they match the distribution of JP.