Error 630 (server error)

Me and more players are constantly getting this error (error 630 no response with server) every 5 minutes of playing, it's so anyoning when you are doing an urgent/extreme or advance Quest and suddenly Log out.

I have a good internet conection and only happens with pso2


that is related to the quality of the connection, speed doesn't mean much if your latency is horrible and because PSO2 is a game that demands a constant trafic of data this kind of thing will happen if you don't have a good quality connection, so if you are suffering with DCs check your ping and jitter to see if your connection is not being messed up by something or your ISP is doing something with the connection.

also if you are using Wi-fi connection then keep in mind that anything can interfere with Wi-fi

A few people (including myself) experienced this constant DC issue and apparently someone mentioned a solution to this.

@fatalFight5135 said in Server Disconnects:

I finally gave up a few hours ago and uninstalled, made sure to clear leftover registry keys and everything before reinstalling, and I haven't had a disconnect since (knock on wood). But before that I did the following things, in order:

  • Checked pso2.exe network activity while questing and while in lobby to see if any packet loss or hiccups were happening on my end before disconnect (0%, never saw any issues)

  • Reset my network stack in cmd and restart, disconnects did not improve

  • Turned off IPv6, to no avail

  • Finally wiped my install and redownloaded using Tweaker as before, which worked.

I hate that I'm recommending reinstallation of a ~90gb game, but if you're having this issue and the usual troubleshooting doesn't work for you, it might be time for the nuclear option.

You can try it if you want to. For me, I dc'ed even when I was still VC on discord with my alliance, so kinda obvious this is a PSO2 problem and it only happened after the recent update.

Getting the same issue since the latest update as well, its intermittent at best, some days i'm golden, others i cant play, Running fibre at a solid no packet loss connection to the server with no other loss in connection when this happens.

rather frustrating tbh

@MrLinderman i was reinstalling the game yesterday and nothing happends, i still with the same error, idk what i have to do 😞

@Kidto thanks for the help and its true, i was playing a lot of hours to pso2, and the last update breaks my game or idk lol

I had problems with this error for an entire month back in May and changing out Modem/Router helped with the problems, today though ~ comcast is having serious backbone issues and I'm back to suffering from constant 630s as well as half the alliance making today nearly impossible to play.


Oh hey, that's me.

Sad to report that after yesterday's maintenance and update I'm having the issue again (four disconnects in a single hour!) and am now setting up to redownload the game overnight. Reinstallation looks to be a temporary solution unfortunately.

Constant disconnects every 15-30mins for the last few days, struggling to finish an Urgent and no chance of anything that's longer like Ultimate Quest. I use the version through Steam (not sure if this helps information wise) but I've tried the "Check File" option and reinstalling, both didn't change a thing. Before the latest update I had been playing for about a month and maybe disconnected twice within that time frame, both times I think were server issues for everybody. So my only conclusion is that it has to do with the latest update as nothing has changed from my side.

Finally, what is the solution for the 630 error?

there is no fix... lol

Get this every single time when trying to start classic PSO2. Can't connect at all.