Player is able to damge / destroy / one shot the rescue target in: Distress siginal Investigation - Lilipa - Underground shaft

This quest failed as soon as I entered the final area of the quest, as the rescue target was targeted by my movement PA. My character immediately kicked the crap out of the rescue target, killing it before the emergency code even triggered.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure this is intended.

that was made that way on purpose even in the orders you get tells you to not attack the robot and let the lillipan save the other, now if you don't want to hit the robot by accident you can use Summoner, pets don't hit the robot in any situation

The Gunship protection codes used to work like this near release on JP too, friendly fire was very possible back then.

Simple fix is yo use a gun and jump above Lilipan. You will only target the mobs.

Yeah, I main Ranger. As soon as I see this mission, and want to bother completing it, or if I know its coming, I switch to assault rifle and jump up over them and just lay on the trigger until the timer is up. If my launcher is out and I'm shooting and this mission decides to spawn, it's over before it begins. (or if I accidentally drive over it when using Rocket Rodeo)