Darker's Den

From a disorganized heap of posts on reddit and here and other places I have put together that getting to the Darker's Den is thorugh time attacks, and RNG related, and cancelling runs either is good because you can cancel until you get the "abduction" and run it then or it's bad because S ranks count toward a bonus to getting the abduction and this shouldn't be confused with UFO abductions which is a separate thing that may or may not exist, and that RNG bonus for S ranks is hurt if you cancel runs making cancelling then bad and that time attacks are often abbreviated taco for time attack client orders.

Also I've heard that you should unequip and let yourself die because then you won't be cloned and then you don't have to wait for you clone to die in someone elses run to be able to get to darker's den again, but others say if you do that you won't get the items from it which is the entire point.

So putting aside some of these points contradict each other in general even if not specifically I have several questions.

  1. Does it matter which time attack quest you take or do only some result you in getting to the darker's den?
  2. Is it true modulator and veteran's resolve drop from darker's den only?
  3. Should you defeat it and be cloned and wait for lockout or is there a way to get around the lockout by letting yourself die?
  4. If you do the cancel time attack quests till you get the abduction how do you know you "got the abduction"? Isn't the abduction an event during a run not something you can tell right away how does that work? What's the indicator you won the RNG lottery?
  5. Is cancelling better till you "get it" or is doing a ton of S rank runs better?
  6. Do the client orders matter or only the Time Attacks?
  7. If there is a lockout is it time based in days or is it based on if anyone kills your clone or not in another run?

Unrelated question but it's better than spamming threads too: Is Apprentice Soul really only dropped from AQ where she spawns in randomly too and a few EQ like mining base?


From one of the official guidebooks, the only 100% confirmed information regarding abduction conditions is:

  • You must be running on VH or higher.
  • Completing any TA on VH or higher will increase your chance of abduction
  • Abandoning or Failing the TA will lower your chance of abduction

Keep in mind that clearing the TAs will increase you chance, but the chance of abduction is never 0% as some people have been abducted the very first time they attempted to run a VH TA, so repeatedly abandoning can be a viable strategy.

You don't know you've been abducted until you go to the yellow countdown gate; the normal countdown will start, but then there is a pause after "GO" and your screen will begin to shake and flash red.

Modulator drops from Clones, so you also have a chance at random to get it outside of Abductions (there are also some future 13* Weapons that have Modulator as their Special Augment Factor). Veteran's Resolve isn't a drop, rather it is on a Unit you are given as a reward for completing the Abduction.

Apprentice Soul will only drop from Apprentice, so aside from AQs with her human form, you should be able to get it from the Mining Base UQ where her giant bug form is the boss.

Thank you for being helpful AndrlCh and answering my questions 🙂