Sweetbox setup for NA players with NA sweets names. Lets solve this plague once for all

Hello I have been studying and reading for days but I can't find a solution to my problem. All the guides I find refer sweetboxes to JP servers and the names are very different.

  • The sweets in the Japanese version seem a lot more than the NA version. Confirm?
  • Some sweets have the same shape and color but give different attributes. Confirm?
  • There is no info about the drop of many sweets. Confirm?

OK...Since I cant spank SEGA devs atm I want fix this insane confusion, how should I fill my sweetboxes on the NA server?

Can someone pls share all NA pet sweetboxes with real NA name sweets inside? Dont share image only.

tyvm Alex

in JP because is in episode 6 obviously has more candies for the pets to use than in the global server that is in episode 4 when Summoners were added, candies don't give different attributes than JP is only some that have different names but do the same effects and there's no drop info of the candies because they drop randomly for summoners however the good ones simply don't drop from anywhere some just drop from certain bosses and others you can only get from certain orders


For Wanda\Jinga you use: Tripple-stack pancake, double-stack pancake. Two different parfaits. I use Megaton and Vigorous. 2xSupport rolls - one from title(Trim level 80) and one from Pietro gift. 2xCritical canes - both from weekly Pietro's client orders, one Vinculum Spirit Cane from Pietro's client order. I use 3x Casting Stamina Cookies. +30tek power +120hp each. 1 Toughness Sandwich and stamina gummies to fill 1-slots.

Looks like this. I still didn't get second support roll and Critical candy from Pietro.