Mag Ticket

Is Mag Ticket worth it? That is, is it worth having a second mag?

if you want to focus all into 1 character they are worth it to get but that is until the scion classes are added because with then you just need 2 mags

I think it's worthwhile if you want to focus your attention primarily on a single character. I have 4 mags, one of each type, so I can play any class I want on my main.

It's easy to level the mags too, just exchange photon spheres for food devices from the photon drop shop.

I think a mag ticket's probably the most useful AC purchase you can make (aside from maybe a few inventory expansions). Once upon a time I thought I was going to have a secondary dedicated TEC character and avoid having to buy extra mags on my main, but then I realized that keeping up with fashion on two characters is awful so I've relegated her to alt status and just bought+made a TEC mag for my main character in case I ever want to try maining a TEC class.

Additionally, I don't think character inventory slot expansions are carried over between characters and that's a HUGE quality of life thing to have a maxed out inventory space. When it comes to any paid stuff, it's definitely easiest to focus on one character.

As the others stated, if you plan on focusing 1 character, definitely yes. You would ultimately want one of each type. You could use an alt for another mag but you only get 3 characters default so you would be without 1 type of mag.

Worth it,

I run a TEC mag with a backup DEX mag for subclass or using with my main class.

i bought 3 extra mags for my main so i have 4 now 1 x Melee, 1 x RNG, 1 x Dex and 1 x Tec think thats worth it

Got one of each..... MEL, RNG, TEC, DEX.

Stupidly I got them all twice on two different Characters.

Because I only later realized that CASTs get to use most "normal" fashion items + Parts. So naturally as a PSO RAcast Player I had to switch.

So do invest in additional MAGs but make sure you really want to keep using that character for something except Dailys/Weeklys.

If you play more than 1 type of atk class on the same char, you need it.

Only having one mag limits which classes you can play since the mag has to compliment them all. I happen to play complimentary classes so I haven’t paid for a second mag. It really depends on what you want to play.