Affix Augment successful % is fake nice.

We I'm glad I found out how fake the % is for the affix success went through 20 units 85%-90% with all only 1 success. I wont be fooled anymore it's only 5% or 100% everything in the middle is fake.

I'm not sure if it's what you mean, but remember that they're individual chances. If you're trying to do five 90% affixes, you only have a 59% chance to get all 5 to succeed. Using a +affix item is a lot more effective than it seems like, because even a simple +10% (which costs like 15k meseta) would change that theoretical 59% to a 100%.

True Dudu experience, NA players learning about the true end game boss.

'bout time NA starts to learn about the true endgame boss of PSO2...

"You have some horrible luck"

I wouldn't step outside if what you say is true.

I refuse to use dudu anymore , I have way better luck with Monica

I always subscribe to the rule of "if it's not 100%, treat it like it's 50%."

NEVER assume luck is on your side. It isn't.

Working as intended, say thank you to Sega.

unless RNG gods are on your side never trust in RNG

Being a Ranger... my RNG is pretty high...