@LordCloudStrife said in SG SCRATCHES ARE A SCAM:

On NA it's last over 1 month average, while JP last for 6 months. NO SG ticket to trade for 40 SG Badge that let you get 1 item of choose (yeah, after 40 pull they gave one (just one), but on JP you save badge for "NEXT SG SCRATCH TO USE THIS TICKET") on SG exchange Shop. You win more SG on JP playing the 2 mobile games with your account linked (IDOLA e PSO2ES), (PSO2ES never happen on NA, and for IDOLA yeah there a localiztion happening, but its handled by a third party company and have % below 0 to have a link with NA). Its a SCAM ON NA.

You don't just get only one extra pull ever, you get the guaranteed ticket every 40 pulls you do, while also keeping everything else. Whether this is a positive or a negative kinda depends on what you want.

Keeping everything you scratched while going to the guaranteed pull is better if there were a lot of things you wanted, as you don't have to keep pulling until 40 junk/dupes. However, being able to trade for a guaranteed pull the next ticket with the recycle badges is good if you only had 1 or 2 things you wanted from the current SG scratch and you got them on the way to the guaranteed ticket, and ditto for the next one.

Also it lasts 6 months now.

Personally I prefer the NA system of SG scratches since I no longer have to give up items in order to obtain the ticket to get the item I want badly but I can understand why the JP system is good too. Tbh I wish both systems of getting tickets were implemented since sometimes you get too many duplicate items or items not for your race/gender.

@YagyuChan A combination of both would really be great, since the main benefit of the JP system is that you can basically bank SG Badges to get a Bonus Tickets for later SG Scratches, on top of being able to get those Bonus Tickets for 32 SG Items/Badges instead of 40 during 20% Recycle Shop discounts from Web Panel events. The current Global system feels a bit wasteful with the stuff that you don't want, since the other stuff in the SG Swap Shop is not exactly must-have, so being able to save up for other Bonus Tickets would be great.