Anyone listen to Vocaloid?

Hello everybody!

One thing I loved about PSO2 before I even got a chance to play was that they had Vocaloid concerts (Or maybe it was just one...) . One of my favorite Vocaloid songs "Online Game Addicts Sprechchor" is a song that features Miku Hatsune on the stage, singing for the players.

I really love Vocaloid and going to Miku Expo for the first time 😄 (Though it has been delayed now...)

My favorite Vocaloids are Len, Flower, Iroha, and Lily.

I hope to see a Vocaloid concert in PSO2 like in the JP version, I just feel like it fits the theme so well since Vocaloid is all digital !

Yup! Vocaloid fan here! Fan of both Miku and the Kagamine twins. I played in JP within the first 2 years it was out for awhile and managed to see one Miku concert in-game before I quit playing the JP version. I don't know if they continued having them or have them to this day in JP (I know they have Quna now so I have no clue if she replaced Miku in JP or not). I would love to see Miku in NA, however, since the game was never out in NA for her to have a concert over here.

@BlackRadient I really really hope to get some Vocaloid concerts on NA version, that be so awesome!! You're so lucky to have seen one in-game o: !!!!

Love me some Vocaloid!

Going to the concert in Vancouver for when it gets rescheduled.

Super excited for the Switch title to be released this year.

@F0XB0MB I'm also excited for the game on Switch! I can't wait to get that 😄

I listen to them here and there, but don't like most of what I've heard. MitchieM is pretty good though.

Been playing a lot of the Switch game.

Glad to have it on the go. Wish we got a physical version >:

Haha count me in 🙂

I used to be really into Vocaloid, but I'll probably still soak my money into the digital stars event lol

I am just as hyped for the digital concerts if there were to be any! I experienced one for Persona 5 Dancing In Starlight and it was super cool, so I hope we aren't excluded from these types of events.

I am personally a really big Miku fan, Utsu-P is my fav producer due to how he can make the Vocas voices sound so metal lol, my fav Miku song though (currently, and always will be) is Open, Close, Demons and the Dead, ugh so fun to play on Project Diva, its a good song to dance to too! lol