Anyone listen to Vocaloid?

Hello everybody!

One thing I loved about PSO2 before I even got a chance to play was that they had Vocaloid concerts (Or maybe it was just one...) . One of my favorite Vocaloid songs "Online Game Addicts Sprechchor" is a song that features Miku Hatsune on the stage, singing for the players.

I really love Vocaloid and going to Miku Expo for the first time 😄 (Though it has been delayed now...)

My favorite Vocaloids are Len, Flower, Iroha, and Lily.

I hope to see a Vocaloid concert in PSO2 like in the JP version, I just feel like it fits the theme so well since Vocaloid is all digital !

Yup! Vocaloid fan here! Fan of both Miku and the Kagamine twins. I played in JP within the first 2 years it was out for awhile and managed to see one Miku concert in-game before I quit playing the JP version. I don't know if they continued having them or have them to this day in JP (I know they have Quna now so I have no clue if she replaced Miku in JP or not). I would love to see Miku in NA, however, since the game was never out in NA for her to have a concert over here.

@BlackRadient I really really hope to get some Vocaloid concerts on NA version, that be so awesome!! You're so lucky to have seen one in-game o: !!!!

Love me some Vocaloid!

Going to the concert in Vancouver for when it gets rescheduled.

Super excited for the Switch title to be released this year.

@F0XB0MB I'm also excited for the game on Switch! I can't wait to get that 😄