Why is Harukotan Architecture so strikingly similar to real accient Japanese/Chinese?

This question always striked me everytime I visit the Harukotan planent, both from doing story quests or just expedition.

Not even the story quests seem to explain what makes the Harukotan Alien civilization to rip-off Chinese/Japanese culture and architecture asthetics.

And I watched that short backlore of the planet also, y'know that tale of the Nighters and Daybreakers and that tear river. Everything just gives off heavy Japanese vibes to it, why they are so similar?

For the same reason that Neudaiz had a similar aesthetic in Phantasy Star Universe: it was just a design choice by the creators.

@AndrlCh Seems like a poor excuse because they didnt have their own ideas, but whatever.

@Charus not really they just decided to stick with a style and that's it, because how Harukotan came to be is not important in the plot is not needed to explain and is also a pretty common thing in games

The fields and enemies of Harukotan being Japanese style was also clearly announced in the EP3 preview.