As a XBox player with specific regard to reporting a Meseta Seller through the "Nearby Players" option. Could that be its only selectable entry in the same level as Cheating etc.? I mean on the one hand the 4 or 5 selectable things are arguably close to the other. But/and cranking out "Meseta Seller", even if I'm reasonably quick with the onscreen keyboard, is still quite the P.I.T.A. Basically wish there was a quicker button-y way of getting it done. Sometime there will be two or three of them and the 3rd one is all but definitely gone from the Nearby Players list to report on.

Which brings me to the next related thing of being able to report players by looking them up in the Visiphone. Or at the very least be able to go back in the System/Chat Log and select on a message and "Report the Author", Report Post/Message, or something. As we all know a lot of times the names are so short/generic. Trying to look them up after they have left is often pointless due to the results and not knowing which, even though all probably are, meseta sellers. I mean it certainly has to be some peoples thing to run around legit style as sss or asdf etc. But yall get my meaning.

Mainly looking for some quicker/expanded ways to help report these particular offenders.


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