Hey Everyone!

I've been sorting out all my 6* and down and selling anything that has one Soul augment for 25k. And if its a 4 Slot or 5 Slot I would do like 75k and 100k respectively. Combining the two also accordingly. My questions to the community are as follows.

  • What Souls/Factors are the best to focus on for selling at a reasonable price to the market?

  • Is my assumption correct that sorting out and providing 4+ slotted items to the market good if for the sole reason of providing quicker/better starting points for all those iterative fodder augment rounds one goes through for their final round?

  • Also assuming my prices are perhaps way way to low. As anyone might respond with those specific good Souls, Factors, etc. Please include what you think is a "fair market price" or what you would be willing to pay for said thing.

Anything 7* and up I've been mostly dismantling b/c I wanna be the best Crafter I can be. Therefore "All the Mats!" ;0 ;~)

Thank you.

o/ =^.^=