Petition to make SG Scratch accessories account bound!

SG Scratch is not like the other scratch items. Making these items untradeable is tough to accept, but I ask for less than that. The high value of SG is an entire subject by itself. I believe it is entirely reasonable that consumable SG scratch items including wearables (body paint, accessories, basewear, hairstyles, eyes, face paint, etc) immediately become available to all players on the account when used.

It is inexcusably unreasonable to expect players to obtain these accessories twice if they want to wear the items on multiple characters. The rarity and high price of AC scratch items is conflicting to the system that allows us to bind items to our account. Players would be in a position to spend exorbitant amounts of SG (and therefore hundreds of dollars) trying to obtain an instantly consumed item that they already obtained once.

I imagine most would agree with me, though I'd like to hear any valid reasons why this should not be the case. Sidenote: Alternatively, I feel like this "bind to player" system should instead bind to account by default on all consumables. At least with some caveat like a 2~5 AC cost on AC scratch items. 1~3 SG on SG scratch items.

Definitely. 100% agreement.

I guess on the other side of things well I guess they could say this -

"Well ackchyually, you can earn SG in-game and they extended the SG scratch so you are just being ungrateful to glorious game team."

"You can get SG on your alts too, stop complaining. Ignore the fact that the largest SG sources are story/titles/weeklies/monthlies/campaigns/etc that are all account-based."

I kind of doubt anything will happen in regards to this sadly, though it would be nice to see. All of the changes to SG that made it better (the extension to the scratch duration, casino/pvp, more campaigns) are things that just brought us to parity with JP, and I don't think JP even has single-use-account-bind accessories for this.

It doesn't affect me too much in the grand scheme (since I already gave up on fashion for my alt when I realized how much more expensive it'd be to keep her fashion maintained too), but it would still be a nice addition if it did make it into the game.

They're account bound, though? Just use the same twice.

@Shirokami07 said in Petition to make SG Scratch accessories account bound!:

They're account bound, though? Just use the same twice.

You could have at least read the OP instead of just the title before replying. They're perfectly aware of that.

@Akonyl said in Petition to make SG Scratch accessories account bound!:

@Shirokami07 said in Petition to make SG Scratch accessories account bound!:

They're account bound, though? Just use the same twice.

You could have at least read the OP instead of just the title before replying. They're perfectly aware of that.

Yeah well then why make the thread at all?

Problem is solved!

I personally don't think the double ticket use scenario should exist for any item really. Emotes are already account-wide, and I think it would be nicer if all the other registerable items were too.

From what I’ve heard only needing 2 items for account wide is a big improvement. Originally in Japan you needed one for every single char, so it’s unlikely they will change it again

JP never changed it, NA will not too.

I guess I'm sort of biased here because I mainly use one character. I think allowing items to become account bound easier would be great and I support the idea, but I'm also not directly impacted by it.

While this wouldn't do anything for me right now since I only dress up my main (besides costumes for SG occasionally on alts), I don't see anything wrong with this given the price of the SG scratches ($4 dollar per SG scratch compared to $2 dollar per AC scratch).

well sg scratch works the same way ac does only difference is that u can't buy/sell stuff u got from it to other players which makes it so making stuff account wide is rather hard

i think it would be weird to make it so u get 2x of everything in sg scratch

but i believe making it so using a ticket for sg scratch (those "take whatever u want" thingies u get when u pull 40 times from that sg scratch) gives u 2x of that particular loot u have chosen would be better

i think that would make it feel a bit more "worthy" and "fair"

SG being not tradable means you'd need the same accessory pull twice to account-bind. This makes using the choice ticket (every 40th pull) on accessories a lower value because you're essentially choosing half an account-bound item for one choice ticket whereas outerwear, outfits, weapon camos, consumables, music discs and emotes are all full account-bound items for the same choice ticket.

It'd be worth not forgetting this would also be nice for body/face paint, basewear and innerwear too which have exactly the same behaviour.

It would be a nice minor concession for the game to somehow make one use of these ticket items account-bind. Alternatively I do like OnionSama's idea that using a choice ticket on these ticket items just gives two of them to make them worthwhile options.

I'm wondering if they might do the former universally as part of prospective NGS reworkings, which if so would solve it for all SG scratches but probably wouldn't happen before these first two SG sets conclude for us to have the benefit of knowing about it.

Star Gem Tickets bring to light the many unfair systems at play in spending real money in PSO.

Basewears are really just outfits that you cant trade or share with your alt. The existence of Body Paint confirms this.

Star Gems are far more expensive the Arks Cash, and players can easily accrue a debt in paying for storage and other rentals that require Star Gems regularly. This offsets any amount of Star Gems obtained from playing the game.

Its entirely reasonable to expect some system that implements fairness to the tickets being drawn with real life cash such as

  1. You don't receive items that your characters cant use (male cast parts when you have an account full of female humans)
  2. You don't receive the same item twice until you have already acquired all of the items.
  3. At least a small chance to receive more than 1 item, especially consumables Even with all those changes, it would still be an expensive, reckless gamble.

The bonuses for buying AC and SG in large amounts are insultingly small. 3$ worth of AC for buying 100$! This is the only game I have ever seen that doesn't offer large rewards for spending large amounts of money. The bonuses for playing AC tickets are embarrassing. The fact that SG scratches don't even offer them is bizarre.

I'm no market manager, but I genuinely believe small changes to make SG tickets more reasonable would net far more players using this option. It has to be noticed that many players boycott it entirely.

As a sidenote, do not for a second suggest that changes to make SG more accessible has anything to do with this. Don't even pretend that Sega intended for highly active players to be able drop 700 SG on Collection Folder slots, buy up half a dozen outfits on SG tickets, and shop Fresh Finds daily.

SG items were always intended to be bought with real life money. Acquiring SG in game is really just a pacifier.