Ship Transfer and Maintenance

Why ship transferring locked to maintenance which is only once every two weeks? Why not near instantaneously like some other mmorpgs? It's not like it's a new idea or anything. I don't mind the cost but the time it takes is unacceptable and is really archaic for a game made in 2012.

@NotWhoUThink not a single MMORPG that has server transfer is made instantaneously and is made during maintenances because the moment that all servers are down allowing to transfer the data the safest way possible

@Jamesmor World of Warcraft has it and realm transfer was made available in 2006 and the wait time is usually nearly instantaneous and has a much larger player base.

@NotWhoUThink I played WoW and the transfer is not instantaneously still takes time to happen there too

@Jamesmor I've also played WoW (not for too long though) but it was only usually only 15 minutes to transfer realms and sometime up to about 24 hours which is a hell of a lot shorter than every 2 weeks.

Every game is made differently. The reason why they do it during maintenance is because that's how they made it. Just have some patience.

@Laep I'm sorry but "That's how they made it" sounds like an excuse for a feature being implemented poorly which has no reason to be.

@NotWhoUThink said in Ship Transfer and Maintenance:

I'm sorry but "That's how they made it" sounds like an excuse for a feature being implemented poorly which has no reason to be.

I'm guessing you haven't played a lot of this game so check out specific modes like Challenge Mode or PvP in about a month after their release and see more examples of "implemented poorly".

@Gamers-are-so-oppressed I mean PvP hardly ever works in a PvE focused game which sucks but is to be expected. But that still doesn't make it okay. "Implemented poorly" is still "implemented poorly" no matter the degree.

Dofus, another MMORPG, does it this way too, transfer with the maintenance. Done that way since 2005.

RuneScape, yet another MMORPG, lets you transfer in 10 seconds.

Different MMORPGs have different server structures. That's all there is to it.

@Zephinism That would be if it weren't for two things

A. Ship transfer while cheaper than most is not guaranteed every two weeks meaning some (while not likely) will have to wait up to 4 weeks or more.

B. JP server maintenance is weekly while NA is bi weekly which makes no sense since it's clearly possible for server maintenance to be weekly in NA.

Originally, PSO2's Ship Transfers were instantaneous, with a 120 hour cooldown. The reason why there is now a wait until maintenance for Ship Transfers is because players were transferring to multi-ship Urgent Quests (specifically the then released Magatsu) with a rotation of their characters, and this was causing a strain on the server.

Original Notice of Change

@AndrlCh That does make a lot of sense. I still don't like it and wish we could be on weekly schedule like JP but that does clarify a few things.

Helps to balance the economy, because you're allowed what you bring on your character with you, imagine if there's one item super expensive in one ship but pretty cheap in another, if you kept bringing it back and forth you'd ruin the economy while making a profit worth the Meseta in AC to you.

@Kurumi-Tokisaki Playing the economy is basically the reason people were multi-sipping Magatsu. He was the first real ExCube piñiata, so people were accumulating as many ExCubes as they could and using them to get Augment boosters from the ExCube Shop and creating expensive, high slot Augment fodder. If I recall, this is also what caused the massive price drop for Grinders.