Hello and Welcome everyone.

Today I founded a new Alliance called JENOOVAH.

This Alliance is free to join by anyone.

To join simply comment below, Whisper me in game or join The Discord:

I created this Alliance becuase I have had no success with other Alliances there was always a reason why I left.

I wanted an Alliance that is both active, Casual and friendly. None of which I could find anywhere, Thus we arrive here. Please join us and let's hunt down Falz Spawn and the like together!

See you at ARKS!

Slowly but surely building the Alliance, At 5 members now about to level to level 3. I really hope some people come and check us out. I would like to grow this Alliance into something so active that anyone could just hop on have a chat be social do some quests and have a good time.

Still at 5 just bumping this atm. I know we have a fresh tree but I hope that is not the deciding factor for everyone. Hope to see you in game o/

Making a small change here just going with the Global approuch hoping that that will help growth a little also, Bump.