Mission Pass Rewards Question

To keep it brief:

Will cosmetic rewards such as cast body parts, or hairstyles and costumes that were available in previous Mission Pass seasons see a return through AC scratch tickets?

Some cosmetic rewards have seen a return from a previous mission pass, but the amount has been few. So if you want to unlock them account-wide you are best off going for 31-35 and seeing if you can double it up there.

Good to know. I missed out on one cast set that I'm praying comes back. Thanks for the information!

If I'm not mistaken, 31-35 consists of items you didn't choose? I think there was some description along those lines. I'm not sure though. Not in-game right now so I can't check my previous season's 31-35 options.

You are partially mistaken, it contains choices between cosmetics that you did choose and that you missed out on. You can either double dip or double down.

But more importantly, 31-35 only include items from the current pass, so it doesn't address the question the OP has. It's just useful for getting copies of items (for alts) or items you had to make a choice about earlier.

As was mentioned above, the Seson (5? Maybe 4?) mission pass was partially dedicated to bringing pre-PC items to PC players, so it's happened before. But if you want items that were available for PC players (but you just personally weren't around for), you might be out of luck for a long time. I assume SEGA is more interested in churning through all the remaining content they have to push to NA than revisiting stuff they've already given us in one shape or form, so you might be waiting a while.

That being said, Mission Passes are a new thing made for NA/Global, so it's always possible they'll do something different with them later on.