SG Swap Shop Exchange Ticket

With the release of the new SG scratch i noticed that the swap shop didn't get the exchange ticket that JP got. This ticket being the one that requires 40 SG scratch items to be traded in. Was hoping that this would be added to NA as its a system that respects both the free to play players past time and effort as well as gives the players that spend money more confidence in the gotcha system.

  • As Tarina said keep the scratch bonus ticket and add the exchange ticket to the shop as well. This adds a better secondary value to the items you gain in the scratch that you do not want or duplicates you dont need.

I would second this suggestion, but only if we get to keep the exchange tickets in the scratch bonus as well.

If I had to pick between having recycle-able items and scratch bonuses, I would pick scratch bonuses every time, simply for the fact that I can keep everything else I scratched for as well. But we do need a more appealing exchange shop selection for all the dupes we'll inevitably get. Adding the "pick-anything" ticket to the selection would do just that.

Now, a bit of history here.... Prior to the introduction of the "pick anything ticket", the JP version had a recycle shop containing a limited selection of items from each SG scratch. That is to say, you could find Kohri's outfit in its default, true color, but none of its recolors. These items all cost 40 SG scratch items apiece, but at least you had the option to recycle your dupes for something else you might want.

And then the revival of the original Dark Falz scratch showed up, with a few extras to entice people to scratch again. They even had the pick-anything ticket as a 40-scratch bonus. But there was a problem. This scratch only lasted 6 weeks. It didn't have a recycle shop. Naturally, the playerbase rioted. Now that sounds familiar, doesn't it?

But JP didn't extend the scratch, nor did they add a recycle shop for that particular banner. Instead, they just stopped offering the pick-anything ticket as a scratch bonus at all, and all future SG scratches had the pick-anything ticket in the recycle shop instead.

The end result is that yes, while JP players are free to recycle their dupes and use them as credit towards a pick-anything ticket in a later SG scratch banner... they also aren't allowed to pick anything and keep everything they scratch. For them, it's "nuke 40 of your SG items to get one thing you like" rather than "scratch 40 items AND pick one thing you like." Our system is objectively better, so long as the banner lasts long enough to give everyone a chance to actually amass enough SG to get the scratch bonus. That being said, I would love to have the best of both worlds... pick anything ticket in bonus and pick anything ticket in recycle shop. Now that would be amazing.