Suggestions on how to improve the Fresh Finds shop.

Sega... The Fresh Finds shop is... not okay...

It's poorly designed, poorly implemented, and severely against both the interests of the players, and the developers. I would like to offer some suggestions on how it may be improved, for both of our benefits. I know that you have to make money with it, and that's fine. I'm not going to make some outrageous demands like making everything cost 10 SG and make everything tradable. I've thought of this in a more realistic sense, and I think that my suggestions are pretty reasonable for everyone involved.

First off, let's talk about the prices. They're pretty outrageous. Again, I know you need to make money, but 400SG for a costume is simply absurd. That's equivalent to $20 for a single outfit. AC Scratches are 200 AC ($2), so that makes it 10x more expensive than an AC Scratch item. Sure, you get exactly what you want, but these items are also untradable. If you scratch something from the AC Scratch that you don't want, you can always sell it for Meseta on the Personal Shops, but not so for the Fresh Finds Shop items, since they're all locked (and more on that later).

I suggest a price cut for ALL Fresh Finds Shop items. I think 200 SG for a costume, 60 SG for an Accessory (Some do cost 60 SG, but some don't), 120 SG for Emotes, 100 SG for Hairstyles and Body Paint, and 60 SG for Eyes, Makeup, etc. Also, bundles should be reduced in price to 400SG, but they're going to offer some additional perks as well, but I'll talk a bit more about bundles in a minute.

Next, let's talk about the availability and display of FF shop items.

Currently, the "Recommended Items" last for about a month or so, while everything else is rotated DAILY. This is... totally nuts, in my opinion. In fact, this is probably one of the things that works most AGAINST the developers! First of all, the Recommended Items, at least as they are, do NOT need to stick around for a month. People will likely decide if they want these items within the first few, or last few days of their availability. Not to mention that there's only three of them at a time, and they just sit there, unchanging, for the entire month. I think that they, along with everything else on the Fresh Finds shop, should rotate every 2 weeks. This gives people ample time to pick up the items they want, without having to worry that they might miss an exclusive item that may never come back around if they don't log in every single day. And it's not like people need the Fresh Finds shop to entice them to log in every day either - there are plenty of other incentives to do so, such as Login Stamps, Daily Missions, Daily Orders, etc.

But let's talk about the AMOUNT of items on the FF shop as well as it's layout.

Currently, you get those three Recommended Items (monthly), then four random other cosmetic items (daily), and then a few boosters/triggers/etc (also daily). I think that there should be MORE of these Recommended Items, but each of them should be BUNDLES. There should be 1 Male Outfit, 1 Female Outfit, 1 Male Cast Parts set and 1 Female Cast Parts set. Each one would come bundled with a hairstyle/head part, and at least two Accessories that are relevant to the outfit. And each one would cost 400 SG, and be available for two weeks.

But what about the other items? Well... The FF shop is going to get a BIG expansion!

Each rotation, there will be at least four male costumes (In four different colors each), four female costumes (in four different colors each), two male Cast parts sets, and two female Cast parts sets. There will be at least four hairstyles, at least 10 accessories, at least four eyes/makeup/bodypaint/etc, and at least four emotes. And each of these things would last for the full two weeks of the rotation.

As for the triggers, boosters and whatnot, those would actually continue to rotate daily, and you would still be limited in how many you could purchase. However, everything else, from costumes to hairstyles and whatever else you want, will be purchasable twice per account. As it stands, if you like a particular hairstyle for example, you have to choose which of your characters gets it and which do not. This too works against Sega - why limit people from spending double the amount of SG? If someone is willing to pay 100 SG to have it on one character, why prevent them from spending 200 to have it on every character?

But let's go back to something I briefly touched on before - what to do with unwanted FF shop items?

As it stands, everything from the FF shop is locked (except when it's not... cough...), and there is no way to trade any of it in for something else. So my suggestion is very simple - from the same NPC who trades your unwanted Mission Pass items for Mission Badges, give them a new menu to trade unwanted Fresh Finds costumes for either Recycle Badges or Mission Badges, and other unwanted Fresh Finds items (accessories, etc) for Excubes or Photon Spheres. Perhaps even have it where if you trade in a Fresh Finds item, you get like 5 or 10 SG back. Nothing huge, just a little bonus.

Anyway... That's about it, I guess. I feel like these are pretty reasonable suggestions, and they would benefit both the consumer and Sega as well, since more people would be inclined to spend SG/money on the shop if it were more consistent, and cheaper. Even though you'd be getting less money per item, I think that the tradeoff would be that more people would be buying items from it.

Well... I thought it was a good idea...